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Welcome to my website!

I created this website originally to blog, show off projects that I have worked on, as well as test my website building skills. Nowadays, it remains just for me to show off the specs of my computers.

My Projects

Until I complete my site's projects section, my projects will be listed here.
  • HectorAvila.net (CakePHP version) - Taken offline with all further development postponed due to time and priorites.
  • Sandyd's MvM - A Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine gamemode server with custom levels. I maintain this server.
  • Sandyd's MvM website (Under development) - The website for the above-mentioned server operation.
In addition, another major project I won't announce here until I am ready to release it to the wild.

About me

That is yet to be fully established.

Where are the cats?